MozCreator Project


MozCreator Source Code

MozCreator Trunk build

This is the latest source code to MozCreator that is updated daily with the latest changes by the MozCreator developers. Note that there is not guarantee that this source code will compile and run. It's possible that this source code may contain faulty code that may cause permanent damage to your computer. Use at your own risk.

The source code is available on's CVS server. For information on CVS, see You can access the code using the following commands below:

cvs login (password is "guest" without quotes)
cvs -z3 -q co -P mozcreator/src

Compiling MozCreator


Run ant fullbuild from the Console window. Then run ant run.

Supported IDEs

The MozCreator project provides project files for the following IDEs. If you would like for us to add support to your favorite IDE, email R.J. Keller your project files and we'll check them in for you!

Developer Tools

These are some tools designed to assist developers in developing MozCreator.