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MozCreator 0.3 Alpha

See running MozCreator for information on how to run MozCreator once you have it downloaded.

Windows Platform
Windows x86 2.1 MB
Linux Platform
Linux x86/GTK2 2.1 MB
Linux x86/Motif 2.9 MB
Linux AMD64/GTK2 2.2 MB
Linux PPC/GTK2 2.0 MB
Mac OS Platform
Mac OSX (Mac/Carbon) 1.8 MB

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Running MozCreator

To run these builds, you need the Java 1.5 runtime environment (JRE) installed on your system. If you do not already have the JRE installed, you can get it from the Sun Download page. Note that the JDK is not required for running MozCreator, only the JRE. After installing Java, make sure that %JAVA_HOME%/bin is in your PATH variable.

Enter the MozCreator\jar folder and run java -jar MozCreator.jar to execute MozCreator.

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Operating System Notes

Having an issue with your OS configuration? Email us.

MozCreator Nightly Build

Nightly builds are source compilations performed nightly based on that days current source. These builds may be broken and not run at all or could perform major damage to your computer. The builds receive no testing and could be completely broken. Use at your own risk.

Older Builds

See the Build Archive.

The mozcreator project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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