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MozCreator Package Description

com.btgnetworks.MozCreator.classes - A bunch of general classes that don't fall into any of the other package categories.

com.btgnetworks.MozCreator.compile - Classes that assist in program compilation. This includes classes that may represent an application to run during the compilation process, or other classes that assist JAR compilation.

com.btgnetworks.MozCreator.docking - The MozCreator docking framework.

com.btgnetworks.MozCreator.editor - The classes for the Tab Editor and implementations of IEditor objects.

com.btgnetworks.MozCreator.generators - Contains a bunch of generators. These classes will usually assist the compile package in program compilation.

com.btgnetworks.MozCreator.guieditor - MozCreator GUI builder alpha.

com.btgnetworks.MozCreator.project - Workspaces, Projects, and other relevant classes are contained here.

com.btgnetworks.MozCreator.project.todo - Classes related to the ToDo list at the bottom of the screen.

org.mozdev.MozCreator.project.tree - Contains classes that generate the Tree displayed on the right-side of the screen.

org.mozdev.MozCreator.project.type - This package contains all the different types of projects that MozCreator will support. These include JAR Projects, C++ Projects, Locale projects, etc.

org.mozdev.MozCreator.test - Classes that test certain MozCreator features through the JUnit framework.

org.mozdev.MozCreator.ui - The GUI classes are contained here.

com.trfenv.parsers - MozCreator GUI XML parser API

com.trfenv.parsers.exception - All of the exceptions thrown by the GUI XML parser API and the MozCreator XulParser.

com.trfenv.parsers.widgets - Special add-on widgets to the XulParser API to help make more precise rendering of some XUL tags.

com.trfenv.parsers.xul - XulParser API core

com.trfenv.parsers.XmlToolkit - A bunch of tools for managing strings and outputting/loading them to XML files.

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